Termites in Winter?

January 30, 2010

If you live in Oklahoma or any other state in America, you may be concerned about termites in your home. Termites live in your home and outside as well, where there is wood there are termites, period. Yes, even in the cold wintry months there are termites.

Cold weather does slow down termites and during extreme cold, termites will hibernate, but they are still around. The only true way to know if you have termites, living in your home is with a termite inspection. When you purchase a new or even used home, you should talk with your Tulsa real estate agent about your concerns of termites. They can ensure that a termite inspection will be done prior to you purchasing the home. In practically all cases, home inspections do not include termite inspections and will be done separately for an addition cost.

What to Expect
A termite inspection is a visual inspection of all accessible areas of your home or the home you are considering purchasing. This visual inspection will consist of looking for evidence of wood destroying insects and wood destroying organisms. Since this is true, the inspector is not only looking for evidence of termites but also ants, bugs and fungus. The inspector will check all areas of the home including crawlspaces, basements, attics, and the exterior of the home. The inspection normally takes around 30 to 45 minutes according to the size of the home and the accessibility of the areas that need inspected.

The Termite inspector is not actually looking for the insects themselves but for termite pellets or fecal matter. This oblong light gray to very dark brown two to three millimeters long matter can be found on surfaces or even in spider webs that are close by the eaves of the attic.

Treatment for Termites
There are several different treatments available for Subterranean termites, which includes chemical treatment. The chemical treatment is normally a type of barrier that is placed between the termite’s home, which is in the soil, and your home. The chemical is placed in the soil on all sides of the foundation. The technician will create holes around the foundation at around 16 inch intervals. Then the chemical will be placed into the holes and create the barrier.

Another treatment method is known as in-ground baiting systems. This baiting system is made from a wood material in which the worker termites will of course want the rest of the colony to know there is food available at this location. He will leave a scent at the baiting station. The bait station will then be replaced with a chemical inhibitor that will stop the molting process in termites and they will be unable to grow. Of course, the inhibitor will be taken back to the colony so all termites will eventually die.

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