Schools and Universities

Tulsa public schools along with many across the nation are working to improve their educational standards and abide by the laws set forth in the “No Child Left Behind” legislation. Some of the public schools that were seen on the list last year are now waiting for approval to be removed from the list of schools that need improving. Oklahoma teachers rank in the top 10 in certification and in the top five in No Child Left Behind requirements.

Tulsa has many wonderful pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, private schools, tech schools, colleges, and universities offering a diverse educational field.

Tulsa is home to the largest school district in Oklahoma with 81 public schools. In each of the public districts in Tulsa County, there is one high school, except when it comes to Tulsa Public Schools, which has nine high schools. You can also find a variety of charter schools in the Tulsa school district. Not only does Tulsa provide excellent public schools but they also have a variety of special and alternative programs such as Project 12, Street School, and Franklin Youth Academy.

Tulsa Public Schools include students living in 172.78 square miles including portions of other counties besides Tulsa including Creek, Osage, and Wagoner. However, over 80% of students do reside inside Tulsa city limits. When it comes to Tulsa, public school teachers around 40 percent have advanced degrees and 47% have over 10 years of experience.

Oklahoma is ranked within the top 10 schools nationwide for internet connectivity with Tulsa leading the way with its own fiber optic network.

During the 2005 – 2005 school year there were 43,029 children enrolled in 57 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, and 9 high schools. The student-teacher ratio on average for all Tulsa public schools is 16 students for every teacher. The average teacher salary is $43,810. Along with the public schools, Tulsa is also home to over 20 private religious or secular secondary and elementary schools.

Higher Education such as colleges and universities is abundant in the metropolitan Tulsa area with five state and many private institutions. Public higher educational schools include Oklahoma State University at Tulsa, University of Oklahoma at Tulsa, Oklahoma city University at Tulsa, Tulsa Community College, and Rogers State University.

The three private universities that call Tulsa home are the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and the Oral Roberts University. Another private institution is the Southern Nazarene College, which offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

The oldest aviation school in the world is located in Tulsa, Spartan School of Aeronautics, which in the past 75 years has seen over 80,000 graduates.

Tulsa Oklahoma has some of the best quality educational programs and schools available for all ages of children and adults to begin their education or to earn their degree.

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