Owner Financed Homes

Today with the Tulsa Real Estate market the way, it is there are many benefits in selling your home with owner finance options. The good news is that the advantages are on both sides of the fence for both the home buyer and the home seller making owner financed properties a win-win situation.

If you are looking to purchase a home but are worried about the entire process of obtaining a home loan, you know your credit rating is less than perfect, and you do not want to spend months trying to find a home to discover you cannot find financing, the owner financed homes may be the best way to go.

There are many different benefits you can enjoy by choosing owner carry properties. In the Tulsa area, you may be surprised at the homes on the market that will fit your needs and will have all the amenities you are looking for in a new home.

Let’s look at the advantages that are available with owner financing properties in Tulsa.


Lending companies now have very strict guidelines and many cannot pass the criteria in order to obtain a home loan from a bank or other lending facility. They may have a bad credit score due to a bankruptcy. They may be self employed or recently changed employment, or a slew of other factors that make traditional lenders shy away. With an owner financing homes, you will be able to enjoy a new home as the home owner is carrying the loan.

Improve your Credit Rating

If you choose an owner carry property, you can actually improve your credit rating by being a home owner and make your payments on time.

No Loan Fees

The best part of all may be that you will not have to pay any loan fees that are always present with conventional loans. Things like underwriting charges, points, origination fees, credit reports, appraisal, title insurance and so much more will be a thing of the past. As a home buyer with an owner financed property, you never have to worry about any of these extra charges or fees that can mount to thousands of dollars.

Close Quickly

If you want to purchase a home and move in within a short amount of time, then an owner carry property is perfect. You do not have to worry with any third party like the lending company holding up the closing. You can make your agreement and move into your new home within a few days.

Our Tulsa Team are Owner Finance Specialists! We can provide you with a list of owner financed properties free of charge and help you with any questions along with helping you find the perfect home with the home carry option. Contact one of our team members today for the free list of owner financed homes in the Tulsa area.

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